Dog's Ashes Form Into An Angel Saying Goodbye

Finding closure for the death of a beloved pet can be hard to come by. A Chicago woman who gave her dog a sendoff at his favorite spot to play found peace in a remarkable snapshot.

When Ashley Lang’s dog, a golden retriever named Wagner, passed away at 12 years old, she had his body cremated and brought his ashes to their favorite spot: the park.

In October 2015, Lang brought Wagner’s remains to the lush green field where he had loved to frolic. With her friend ready to take a picture on her smartphone, Lang cast Wagner’s ashes into the wind, reports WBBM.

The photograph commemorating the event caught something extraordinary: Wagner’s ashes, for a passing moment, formed his silhouette. The outline was unmistakable, complete with a tail and paws, looking as if he was leaping up to embrace Lang one last time.

“It’s pretty remarkable ... the tail and the legs and he looks like he’s, you know, leaping to go up,” Lang recalled. “Everyone keeps calling him the angel dog.”

The bereaved owner believes that the photograph captures Wagner saying goodbye to her, providing that crucial closure to the loss of a beloved best friend.

WBBM reporter Brad Edwards took to Twitter to show a side-by-side comparison of Wagner running towards Lang at the park when he was still alive and then, seemingly, his apparition leaping up towards her arms.

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The photograph has become a viral hit on social media, with viewers weighing in on whether the haunting image is a spiritual phenomena or just a coincidence.

“Looks like more the shape of a balloon animal dog to me,” Michele Szozda Posten commented on Facebook. "But it is kinda neat to see a dog shape there. And a lovely thought that the dog was there.”

Posten concluded, “Whatever it is, gives us wonder.”

A hundred years ago, there was one of the earliest instances of a canine apparition seemingly cropping up in a picture.

In 1916, one Scotland Yard inspector took a photograph of three women gathered for tea. Beside them was the translucent silhouette of a dog, according to Angels & Ghosts. The site does note it doesn't know what the exposure time of the photo was, which could account tor hte "ghosting" effect.

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Sources: Angels & Ghosts, WBBM, Shared/Facebook, Brad Edwards/Twitter / Photo credit: Ashley Lang via WBBM

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