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Clip Of Woman Giving Homeless Man Coat Goes Viral (Video)

Clip Of Woman Giving Homeless Man Coat Goes Viral (Video) Promo Image

A Connecticut woman's touching act of kindness is going viral (video below).

When Christina Calvo was driving down the road in Waterbury, Connecticut, and spotted a homeless man outside in the freezing cold without a coat, she knew what she had to do.

"Immediately my eyes teared up," Calvo told WTNH. "Nobody should be outside without a coat."

Calvo immediately went to a nearby Burlington Coat Factory and purchased a winter coat. She then headed right back to where she spotted the man in hopes that he would still be there. He was, so she got out of her car and handed him the coat.

The man was shocked by the kind gesture. He can be seen in video of the incident shouting "Oh my God!" repeatedly before giving Calvo a big hug.

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"The minute I saw his reaction, it just filled my heart," she said.

Calvo wasn't the only person touched by the man's reaction. After the video was uploaded to Facebook, it quickly went viral, being seen by more than 3 million people.

"I can't even wrap my mind around how many that really is," Calvo said. "But, I know it's reached people from around the world. I've been getting messages from all different countries, all different languages, and it's just been so surreal."

A number of viewers shared their thoughts on the video.

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With all of the negativity that has been plaguing our city, it's refreshing to see such a beautiful act of kindness," one Waterbury resident commented. "Bless You Miss Calvo!!!!"

"That made me have tears," another viewer wrote. "Not everyone thinks of the poor and thats something I learn through my years. I think that that man was so greatful for some to think of how he was feeling... God knows who are the good people out here in this world"

Calvo said she did not post the video of her giving the homeless man his coat for her personal glory.

"The reason I posted it was because I wanted other people to be inspired to do something nice for somebody," she said.

After the video went viral, Burlington Coat Factory shocked Calvo when it revealed it would donate 500 winter coats to the charity of her choosing.

"I just started to cry," she said. "It was just so overwhelming -- like wow!"

Calvo said she planned to donate the coats to four charities based in Waterbury: The Knights of Columbus, The Spanish Coalition, Acts4Ministry and the St. Vincent de Paul soup kitchen.

"I wanted to keep the coats in the Waterbury area so I chose Acts4Ministry to receive some of them, I chose The Spanish Coalition -- both of those groups are taking care of all of the people from Puerto Rico from the hurricane, and St. Vincent de Paul soup kitchen who feed meals to the homeless and see people with no coats," she said.

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