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Woman Goes Off On Couple For Calling Her The N-Word (Video)

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A couple was caught on video (shown below) calling a woman the n-word, and she didn’t hold back when it came to defending herself. 

The incident, which appeared to take place in a Walmart parking lot, involved a woman who seemingly thought that a couple parked next to her hit her car. 

“You ain’t nothing but a stupid ass f**king n***** that’s just trying to get somewhere,” the man exclaims in the video. “She’s going to pass out and try to sue us for that too, huh?”

The woman then goes off on the couple, saying that she was simply trying to determine whether or not they hit her car when they opened their doors.

“I did not hit your car,” the other woman says.

The woman, shocked by what the man said to her, begins to dial 911 as she continued to confront the couple. Her daughter, who was filming the incident, attempted to get her to let it go and leave.

“Mom, come on,” the daughter pleads. “It ain’t that serious.”

“Do you hear the way this man is talking to me?” her mother asks.

“Ma’am,” the woman says, “all I wanted to see is if you leave [sic] a mark. Y’all are the ones making a big deal out of it.”

The woman then calls the couple out for the racist remark they made just moments earlier.

“You’ve already got a chip on your shoulder, since I’m a n*****,” the woman says to the man.

“What’s the difference when you say it?” the man asks. “You just called yourself that,” the other woman adds. 

“He’s the one who called me a n*****,” the woman yells. “You know what? If I was anything like the way I used to be, fat boy, I would kick you dead in your funky ass nuts. You hear me? You’re a prejudice, racist motherf**ker.”

Watch the intense confrontation below.

Sources: World Star Hip Hop, YouTube

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