Woman Gives The Finger To Trump Tower On CNN (Video)


CNN's Sara Murray was reporting live outside Trump Tower last week when a passerby was caught on camera giving the finger to the New York City building owned by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (video below).

The woman entered the right side of the screen on the live broadcast and took a picture of herself giving the finger, notes Mediaite.com.

The Daily Beast reported in March that taking a selfie while making the gesture has become popular on Instagram.

"When I saw Trump Towers pop up on my phone map later on, I figured that I could at least gift [my boyfriend] a photo of punk-rock visual dissidence by flipping off Trump’s gaudy gold and brass phallic monument to massive privilege," Erin Dingle told the news site.

"A lot of the people that Trump wants to dismiss, evict, and deny basic human rights have survived a heck of a lot more than 12 blocks of walking in bad weather," Dingle added. "And they deserve a lot more than a middle finger to back them up. But it’s all I had to give. So I did -- with fervor! And it was well worth it."

"I’m delighted to be part of that club," Dingle said.

Instagram users in New York, Chicago, Miami, Toronto and Las Vegas have given the middle finger to Trump's buildings as a message to the GOP presidential candidate.

Nick Davis, who gave the finger to the Trump Tower in Chicago, said, "We were about 10,000th in line for the Bernie [Sanders] rally, and the space fit about 2,500 people. When we knew we weren’t gonna get in, we looked on our phones and saw that we were a half-mile down the road from the Trump Tower."

"I’d rather have people sit down with each other and talk about issues, and think, 'Hey, why do I think that?'" Davis added. "I think it’s wildly optimistic to presume this would have an effect on a Trump voter."

Sources: Mediaite.comThe Daily Beast / Photo credit: CNN via YouTube

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