Wife Gets Revenge After Being Called 'Sandwich Maker' (Photos)


After being called a sandwich maker by her husband, one woman decided to get revenge in an amusing way.

The next time the woman made her unsuspecting partner a sandwich, she left a surprise inside.

This sandwich had a different, more unusual ingredient this time: plastic.

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So when the time came for her husband to finally take a bite, he was probably thoroughly confused and shocked to realize what he was trying to digest: prepackaged cheese.

However, he likely realized what was going on after he read the note written over it: "Not sorry," wrote the triumphant wife.

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Rather than become enraged, however, the husband seems like he was impressed by his wife's revenge.

He posted photos of the plastic sandwich on Imgur, where many applauded the wife on her clever comeback.

"Any wife that can come at you with that kind of fire is worth keeping," wrote one user.

"I'm a little in love with your wife," chimed in a second.

"Absolutely glorious," added another. "I showed my husband so that he's aware of the new threat."

Internet users elsewhere also praised the wife.

"Any woman that is OK with making a guy a sandwich is probably a woman you don’t want to take for granted, but this dude decided to cross the line and because of that his wife got the best revenge on him," wrote Bryan Brunati for Crave.

"Simple, but effective," he adds. "That dude took a big bite out of some plastic. And that’s enough to remind him never to call his wife a 'sandwich maker' again."

It's one of many pranks spouses have played on the other that have amused many worldwide.

After his shoe-obsessed wife kept bothering him to buy her more pairs, one husband decided to install two 14-foot tall ruby slippers in their garden, reports the Daily Star.

"She's always asking for this pair and that pair and I just thought this might shut her up," Andy Walker, 50, said.

"We have a laugh with each other and I just thought how funny it would be," he added. "Like many others she's got this ridiculous obsession with shoes."

Since then, however, the shoes have become popular, with many stopping by to take a look.

Now Walker is considering adding more unusually large objects to his garden.

"This is something that just happened out of the blue and I didn't really plan on it, but now that it's built up a bit of popularity I might carry it on and bring in different things to display every couple of months, depending on what I can find," he said.

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