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Woman Finds Shocking Note Found In Box From Ethiopian-Made Shoes (Photos)


A photo of a note allegedly written by an ethiopian shoe maker surfaced online. 

The picture, shared on Reddit, showed an illustration of what appeared to be a person working, with a message written below it. One Redditor commented saying they’d translated the message.

“It says "we are thirsty and over worked. Militia type soldiers are on top of each other watching us. Help us,” the Redditor wrote.

The shocking note quickly went viral, with many urging the original poster to report it to authorities for investigation.

“When are people going to realize that the success and happiness of others does not mean those with high quality of life will have their own success and happiness stolen from them,” Redditor LisasaurusRex commented upon reading the note.

“I get our instinct to survive by getting ahead of others, but this shit is ridiculous. The world would be an entirely different place if everyone wished others well instead of feeling satisfied by their demise.”

Take a look at the note below.

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Sources: Inquisitr, Reddit / Photo credit: Imgur


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