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Woman Finds Odd Bump Above Lip, Decides To Squeeze It (Video)

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In a disgusting and weird viral video (below), a doctor squeezes a mysterious lump on a woman’s upper lip and a pebblelike object shoots out.

The video features dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee, known as “Dr. Pimple Popper,” as she explains what the hard object is. It turns out that the stonelike object was a blackhead lodged under the woman’s skin. The blackhead itself never made it to the surface of the woman’s skin.

The video begins as the woman sits down for an appointment with Lee, who checks out the spot on the woman’s face.

“It’s like a little disc under there,” Lee explains.

Lee then performs a surgical extraction by making an excision on a wrinkle near the woman’s mouth. As Lee squeezes, the blackhead pops out.

“It’s cool what the body does,” the patient says.

Lee began to be widely known a year ago when she started posting minor procedures on social media websites like YouTube. Many of her videos have been viewed by millions of people. Lee noted that her “pimple porn” has served dermatology in a positive way by encouraging others to look after their own skin.

Following the success of her videos, Lee has been able to offer patients who allow their surgeries to be recorded free services. 

Sources: NyoozTrend, Mirror / Photo credit: Mirror

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