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Woman Films Friend's Rape On Snapchat (Photos)

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Woman Films Friend's Rape On Snapchat (Photos) Promo Image

A Chicago woman is being held in custody after she allegedly took video of another woman getting raped and posted it to social media after the two had argued earlier in the evening.

Beth Rae Harris, 36, and a 23-year-old woman were arguing over a mutual male acquaintance at a party on Aug. 24, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. The two women reportedly came to an agreement over the issue, and decided to go to a nightclub before heading to another party at a nearby hotel.

The victim was reportedly drinking heavily at both the nightclub and hotel party, and Harris brought her back to her own apartment. It was at Harris' apartment, authorities say, an unnamed man sexually assaulted and raped the victim while she was passed out.

The victim woke up in Harris' apartment the following morning "naked and sore," and Harris then informed her that a man or several men had raped her the previous evening, according to the Chicago Tribune.

While the victim was passed out, Harris allowed an "unidentified man or men sexually assault the victim," said Assistant State's Attorney Nora Gill, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

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After returning home, the victim realized Harris had recorded video of the assault and rape on her cellphone, posting it to the victim's Snapchat account. Harris could be heard shouting obscenities at the victim and occasionally narrating the attack.

In the video, the man grabs the victim's buttocks and exposes her genitals to the camera. Harris can also be heard on the video telling the man not to wake the victim up.

Harris also turned the camera on herself at one point, narrating more of the situation and claiming the victim had slapped her in the face. Several of the victim's followers on Snapchat saw the video and identified Harris as the one filming.

Harris was then arrested after she was properly identified by a Snapchat follower, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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According to Harris' attorney, she works as a model and masseuse in addition to being a student at a nearby beauty school. She is also the mother of three children. Harris was ordered into custody and is being held in lieu of $150,000 bail.

Harris was charged with nonconsensual dissemination of sexual images, according to DNAinfo. She has previous convictions of battery, reckless conduct, resisting arrest and the assault of a peace officer, in addition to pending charges for criminal damage to property and violation of probation.

Sources: Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune, DNAinfo / Featured Image: AdamPrzezdziek/Flickr / Embedded Images: Chicago Police via Chicago Sun-Times, Cook County Sheriff's Office via Chicago Tribune

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