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Woman Gets Revenge On Cheating Husband (Photo)

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A wife got her revenge on her cheating husband in a shocking and epic way -- by putting up a sign in front of her house and giving out the mistress' address. 

The photo was originally posted to Reddit, and quickly went viral. In the picture, the wife can be seen sitting in a chair on the side outside of what is presumably her home -- with a sign next to her that boldly called out her husband for being unfaithful.

"Melody who lives at [hidden address] Mayberry is f**king my husband Alan," the sign read.

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Redditors were quick to respond to the revenge sign, with some saying such incidents were more common than you might think.

"Weirdly enough this seems to be quite common, even if the other person isn't married/in a relationship," one Redditor wrote. 

Others sympathized with the wife for having to go through such a tough situation.

"Poor lady, no one deserves this. Especially when they're later on in life. No one wants to grow old and alone," one Redditor commented.

"Everyone is making jokes but this picture makes me very sad," another added.

In a similar incident, a husband took revenge on his cheating wife by selling everything she owned on eBay -- including her car.

"Welcome to my eBay listing for this absolute disgrace of a car, which is the only thing of any value I have left after my darling ex left me in ruins," the man wrote in the description for the car auction.

"This ridiculous piece of German engineered campness would ideally suit any hairdresser/florist or person with little or no dignity. I hate this car nearly as much as I hate my ex who I bought it for, and to be honest she didn't like it that much either so she took my car in the split."

The man said he was planning to use the money from the car to hire "hookers" to spend a weekend with him at his home.

Sources: Reddit, Daily Mirror / Photo credit: Reddit

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