Thrill Trespasser Falls Off California's Highest Bridge (Photo)

A woman in California has paid the price for wanting to take the ultimate Instagram picture on California's tallest bridge.

She fell 60 feet off the bridge's girders that hang underneath the famous 730-foot-tall Foresthill Bridge, which is in Auburn, near Sacramento.

The April 3 incident is the latest in a series of deaths, suicides and accidents connected to the bridge as people -- most of them young -- trespass onto the bridge with their friends.

They're there to flirt with death in their bid for an adrenaline rush. 

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In this latest case, the unidentified woman was found alive, but unconscious, and was airlifted to a local hospital for treatment. 

California police have warned the public many times about the inherent dangers of accessing the bridge's walkway and girders. They wanted to note this young woman was incredibly lucky to not have died from the fall.

The walkways under the Foresthill Bridge are closed to the public and it is illegal to access the green girders of the structure, Place County Sheriff's Office stated. 

 Any trespassers found on the bridge are fined, an office spokesman said. 

Police cited 34 people in a single day in 2015 for trying to access the bridge's girders. 

"This young lady is very lucky to be alive and the consequences could have been worse for her, her friends and her family," said the spokesperson. 

The woman landed on a trail 60 feet below the top of the bridge. If she had fallen to the bottom of the American River Canyon, she would have most likely died, authorities said. 

The Sacramento woman was posing for a picture with six friends when she made a misstep, lost her balance and plunged over the edge, said one of the woman's friends, Paul Goncharuk, KOVR reports. 

"They were taking a picture on the bridge and then the big bolts holding the bridge together, she kind of stepped on them weirdly and lost balance and fell backwards," he said. 

The fall left the woman unconscious and she will have to undergo surgery to repair her multiple fractured bones and a deep gash on her arm, Goncharuk said. 

"It's a cool place to take pictures but honestly it's not worth the risk," he added, The Huffington Post reports.  

Around 100 people have died from either jumping or falling off the bridge since it first opened in 1973. 

Sources: Daily Mail, KOVR, The Huffington Post / Photo credit: Randy Pench/Sacramento Bee, Social media via Daily Mail

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