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Boston Woman Discovers Car Vandalized For Stealing Someone's Parking Spot

A Boston woman says she was shocked to discover that vandals smashed her car windows and keyed the exterior of her vehicle because she unknowingly took someone’s shoveled parking spot.

According to reports, Kasandra Alvelo of Chelsea, Massachusetts says she parked in an open spot on the street in South Boston overnight while she was visiting her boyfriend, and when she went to leave the next morning, she was horrified to discover that her car was destroyed.

Alvelo says she found her car in the parking spot with three windows completely smashed and the words “not ok” carved into the side.

“It took work, and it was freezing, so I don't know how they stayed out there and did that, and I don't know how nobody saw them,” Alvelo said.

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Although saving parking spots is technically illegal in Boston, shoveled spots are allowed to be saved for up to 48 hours after the person clears the snow away during the difficult winters. The tradition is sacred and widely known in the Boston area, and although the woman broke that rule, she still feels that the reaction was outrageous.

“Honestly, karma is going to get them, I don't even have to do anything to them,” Alvelo said. “I feel bad for them, more or less, because bad things happen to bad people.”

Police are reportedly looking at a nearby security camera to see if they can identify the person or persons responsible. Alvelo also she called in to tell the school she teaches at that she’d be late that day and tried to explain what had happened, but they wound up firing her.

Sources: The Blaze, WHDH / Photo Source: WHDH


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