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Woman Defends Herself Against Disrespectful Teen During Subway Encounter (Video)

A viral clip shows the moment a woman being harassed by a teen on a subway decided she had taken all she could handle from him.

In the clip (video below), the woman is shown arguing with the teen as other passengers on the subway watch. The male teen gets into the woman’s face, but she doesn’t seem to be intimidated by his presence.

The confrontation comes to a boil when the teen pushes the woman. Immediately, the woman whips out a can of pepper spray and sprays him in the face. The teen grabs his eyes and screams in agony as the rest of the passengers on the subway look on.

The short clip was posted to Facebook earlier in May and quickly went viral, garnering tens of thousands of likes and shares in a matter of days.

“She did not instigate she warned, the kid was already threatening her... learn the difference and stop enabling these kids to be bullies whole complaining about it in schools,” one commenter wrote on Inquisitr.

Take a look at the viral clip below. Was the woman’s response warranted?

Sources: Inquisitr, YouTube

Photo Source: Screen capture via Inquisitr


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