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Woman Catches Man Rubbing Genitals With Her Toothbrush (Video)

A New Zealand woman was devastated after a hidden camera caught her male roommate rubbing his genitals with her toothbrush (video below).

The 28-year-old woman, identified only as Sarah, said she and her boyfriend were looking for a couple to share their home with, the Daily Mail reported. They found a couple on the website Trade Me.

After living together for a few months, Sarah noticed that some of her belongings were not where she had previously placed them. She became suspicious that her female roommate was using her beauty products.

"When you find your [roommate's] blonde hair in your [panty] drawer… you’ve got to ask yourself questions," Sarah told 9Honey.

Sarah and her boyfriend eventually decided to set up a webcam, hoping to capture their roommate in the act.

When they viewed the footage, they saw the female roommate going into Sarah's room to use her beauty products. The camera also caught the male roommate going into her bathroom, grabbing her toothbrush and moving it toward his crotch area.

"I initially didn't believe my boyfriend when he called me and told me … why would someone do that?" Sarah said. "We hadn't done anything wrong...I cried!"

The couple confronted the male roommate, who then admitted he had a "toothbrush obsession."

"I grabbed our old toothbrushes and went back down and said if you have an obsession, here you go and I threw them at the floor in front of him," Sarah recalled. "I never knew I could confront someone like that... we moved out a day later."

Sarah and her boyfriend have since bought new toothbrushes. They did not confirm whether any legal action was actually taken against their roommates.

Sources: Daily Mail, 9Honey / Photo credit: 9Honey via Daily Mail

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