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Wife Confronts Cheating Husband And Mistress At Walmart (Video)

A wife confronted her husband's mistress at a Walmart store and took video of it for all to see (video below).

At first, the women briefly exchange pleasantries.

"How you doing?" the wife asks.

"How are you?" responds the other woman.

"I'm pretty good," the wife says, before asking: "You know who I am?" The other woman says she doesn't know. And then the wife lets her have it.

"You don't know me? I'm Wayne's wife. So you're cheating with my husband?"

The mistress's response is partially inaudible, but she seems to say that she understood "everything was fine" with the wife.

But the wife says everything is not fine. "No, you're breaking up a home," she yells, as the other woman pushes her basket toward the checkout stand in an effort to evade the wife. "So you're cheating with my husband. So how filthy and nasty are you to be cheating with my husband?"

The mistress then tells the wife to leave her alone.

"And if I don't?" the wife asks angrily, and then continues with her verbal assault. "Because you're a nasty filthy cheater. That's what you do? You go around sleeping with married men? Do you realize we have children? Do you realize that? Are you a Christian at all? Or is that what you do for fun? Do you realize that? He's married!"

At that point, the other woman tries to get the Walmart staff to intervene, as the wife continues to berate her.

"You go around sleeping with peoples' husband. You breaking up their homes. Cheater. Cheater. You are a cheater. And I hope you're happy. I hope you're happy. Breaking up a home."

When the other woman gets on her cell phone, the wife responds: "You text my husband? You're married? And you know he's married? And you're still sleeping with him? You are a piece of filth!"

Once again, the mistress tries to get someone from Walmart to intervene, as the wife exclaims: "No! You come into my home. I have video of you coming into my home."

"You need to get out of my face right now," the mistress responds, just before someone from Walmart steps in front of the camera to block the view, prompting the wife to ask: "Stop the video?"

The video inside the store abruptly stops, but resumes in the parking lot, reports The Inquistr. There, the wife confronts her husband as he is getting out of the passenger side of a car, wearing a T-shirt that says "Own Your Masters."

"That's how you do, huh?" she asks him angrily. "I had fun with your little broad in there, you f***ing cheater. You cheater. And then it's a f***ing white woman! Oh. Oh. Huh! F***ing cheater. You ain't nothing but a cheater. I got it. I got it. You cheater. You are a cheater. Yeah, we got you. I got you out of my system now. You nasty b***ch. You nasty b***h. You're nothing but a piece of filth."

As Wayne climbs back into the car, his wife hurls a few final words at him. "You're married. You're f***ing married. I'm out of here!"

Sources: The Inquisitr, NewVids/YouTube / Photo credit: Mike Mozart/Flickr

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