Woman Completely Freaks Out When She Gets Approved For Welfare (Video)

Video of a woman reacting to a letter about her welfare from the Department of Social Services is going viral.

In the video, the woman excitedly rushes into her house after receiving the letter in the mail. Initially, she can’t quite comprehend what the letter means when it says she is “fully favorable” and she pushes her children out of the way as she tries to figure it out.

Eventually she figures out that she is being informed that she was approved to receive welfare benefits and her reaction is as though she won the lottery.

The woman screams and shouts, excitedly stomping her feet and taking in the excitement of the news. The news must have been long-awaited as multiple members of the family were filming the big reveal.

The letter says that her claim dates all the way back to 2013, which likely means that she will be receiving retroactive benefits for the time since she applied.

The video is being called “outrageous” and is quickly spreading around the internet. Watch her reaction for yourself below.

Sources: The Political InsiderLiveLeakYouTube

Photo Credit: Mad World News

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