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Woman Claims To Find Bugs In Folgers Coffee Can (Video)

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A woman in Endicott, New York, says she made a shocking discovery after opening a can of Folgers coffee on Aug. 12 — a giant, dead fly staring back at her (video below).

Runic Carson said she was about to make her morning coffee when she found the insect.

“I almost threw up,” she said. “I like freaked out and I almost threw my cup at first.”

Carson says she contacted Folgers, which offered to send coupons. Despite her claim, the company told reporters it had never received a complaint. The coffee manufacturer’s parent company, Smucker's, said it attempted to investigate the incident but was unable to do so. 

“Our commitment to quality has long been demonstrated by our comprehensive quality assurance policies and procedures. We are extremely disappointed that we were unable to fully investigate this claim,” a statement from the company read. 

“Based on the poor quality of the images you provided and most importantly the fact that our quality assurance teams have not had an opportunity to examine the product, we cannot provide an assessment of the images.”

Carson said that despite the company’s lack of cooperation, she remains disturbed by her discovery.

“I wasn't expecting all this to happen. I hate flies, I hate all insects. I hate ants, I hate spiders,” she said. 

Sources: PIX 11, WICZ / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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