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Cancer Patient Shamed For Using Handicapped Parking (Photos)

Cancer Patient Shamed For Using Handicapped Parking (Photos) Promo Image

A University of Kentucky student battling cancer was shocked when she returned from the library to find her car covered in flyers shaming her for parking in a handicapped space. 

Lexi Baskin, a pharmacy student, has been undergoing radiation treatment since doctors found a tumor on her brain stem in 2016. The treatments often leave her dizzy and exhausted, qualifying her for a handicapped parking pass, according to WKYT.

On Oct. 26, Baskin parked in a handicapped space near the College of Pharmacy and when she returned, her car had notes stuck all over it, saying, "Shame on you" and "Not really [handicapped] just lazy."

Attached to her windshield with packaging tape was a note calling Baskin a "terrible person." 

"There are legit handicapped people who need this parking space," the note read. "We have seen you and your friend come and go and there is nothing handicapped about either of you. Your tag must be borrowed or fake. We will make every effort to see you fined or towed for being such a selfish, terrible person."

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Baskin posted photos of the note on Twitter with the caption: "Reminder that you have no idea what's going on in people's lives. I have cancer and radiation treatment. I'm legally allowed to park here." 

Baskin's tweet, which was posted Oct. 26, has been retweeted more than 47,000 times and liked more than 108,000 times in two weeks.

"Just because you can't physically observe something does not mean that a person is not feeling it," Baskin wrote in a longer message on Facebook. "Just because I look fine in the 2 minutes I walk from my car to the building does not mean I am not battling cancer and undergoing radiation treatment."

Baskin told WKYT that people with invisible disabilities or injuries have been messaging her and sharing their stories. 

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"It kind of breaks my heart because of the fact that there are so many people that are being like 'oh my gosh I went through the same thing' or like have messaged me on Facebook and said 'I went through this' and they share their story with me," Baskin said. 

"That's why I want to get this out there to make people aware that just because you can't see something, doesn't mean people aren't going through it," she continued.

The University of Kentucky has released a statement saying that whoever vandalized Baskin's car was not associated with the university's transportation or police departments. 

"UK is a community of belonging for everyone, regardless of identity or perspective, and part of that means ensuring everyone is treated with respect and dignity," the statement read, according to WKYT. 

University police are currently investigating the incident. 

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