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Man Captures Neighbor Freaking Out Over Laundry (Video)

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A woman was caught on video mid-meltdown, calling her lawyer because her neighbor was doing laundry.

According to the neighbor, who shot video and shared it on Reddit, he informed the woman that his laundry was almost done before she began to yell at him and threatened to involve a lawyer.

"I told her that it's almost done, and it is," he said in the video. "All I wanted to do was do my laundry."

While the context of the dispute is unknown, the man filming the video said the incident happened simply because the woman was angry with him for doing his laundry. The reason for her outrage over the laundry is unclear, but the washer and dryer appeared to be right next to her apartment and operating loudly.

"That ticking would drive me insane if I lived in that apartment. Maybe that's what happened to her. I can only assume the washer / dryer is in the shape of a over sized metronome," Redditor Fiji_Artesian said in a comment. The woman became increasingly aggravated and emotional throughout the course of the incident, telling her neighbor multiple times that he isn't allowed to videotape her without her consent. She claimed to be on the phone with a lawyer the entire time.

The neighbor offered insight on Reddit about the reason behind the dispute after other users began to question what happened. 

"Was she upset because she wanted the washer and dryer?" Reddit user 23songs asked.

"Yeah," the neighbor, Richterzscale, replied. "I told her I was almost done but she said she was just going to throw my clothes away."

"There's a difference between an discourteous tenant and calling your lawyer for someone recording you freaking out over laundry," Redditor Fairbsy pointed out. "Of course we don't have all the facts but he sounded very calm and exasperated on the video which says to me this is a repeat occurrence."

Based on the video, do you think the woman was right to call a lawyer over what appeared to be a dispute over laundry? Watch the clip of the incident below.

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