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Woman Bites Into Disgusting Surprise In Her McChicken (Photos)

Apparently you don’t have to be an early bird anymore to get the worm. Being a McDonald’s customer gets the job done, too.

Georgia mom Joyce Fedd was chowing down on some McDonald’s recently when she bit into a plump, juicy worm buried in her McChicken, WJAX reports.

“I went to the drive-thru and ordered two sandwiches for my kids when I bit into this one something,” Fedd told WJAX. “I tasted something. Took it out my mouth and [it had] a worm in it.”

Fedd has concrete proof to back up her claim, too. Check out her photos, courtesy of WJAX:

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When Fedd took her complaint to McDonald’s management, they offered her another sandwich. Of course, that was the last thing she wanted.

“They asked ‘Did I want another one’?” Fedd said. “I said ‘No, I don't want anything else. There's no telling what else is in those sandwiches.”

The McDonald’s location in question denies it’s their fault that the worm turned up in Fedd’s food. They blame it on the shipping post the meat was sent from. Fedd has reportedly lawyered up to make the company prove its claim. 

Sources: WJAX, Mirror / Photo Credit: Joyce Fedd, via WJAX


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