Woman Says Company Fired Her Over Facebook Post (Photo)


A Tennessee woman claims her former employer fired her due to a social media post she made recently.

Shanedale Sanders told reporters that she was let go of her job because of something she posted on Facebook.

“She told me I slandered the company,” Sanders told My Fox Memphis. “I talked bad about the company, but I didn’t. I didn’t mention any names or anything.”

The post was in response to another friend’s Facebook post to which Sanders commented: “[You] So right … They don’t ask … they [give] it [sic] who they want to. They know what they doing and I don’t [give] a [censored] who see [sic] … then you would think why the turn over so high … Even the customers ask … and I spill the TEA!!!!!”

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After she posted the message, she was fired from her job at a Memphis restaurant a few days later. The reason for the termination was reportedly her violation of off-duty conduct policy.

“Any employee in the state of Tennessee can be discharged for any reason," Stephen Shields, a Memphis attorney, told My Fox Memphis. "Good reasons, bad reasons, or even reasons that are morally wrong, says the Tennessee Supreme Court.

"Unless, and here’s the big unless, unless it is in fact modified by some statute or by a contract either expressed or implied, and there are a lot of exceptions to the at-will rule.

“What the national Labor relations Board has said [is] if somebody is on social media and they are sort of just generally criticizing their management, then to terminate them that could be an unfair labor practice.”

Upon hearing the story, several took to social media to voice their concerns and opinions.

“That’s why no one at my job is my friend on Facebook,” wrote one user.

“She didn’t name the company,” said another. “I don’t think she deserved to be fired."

Source: FOX, FOX13 on Facebook

Photo Credit: FOX13


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