Woman Abused By Pizza Delivery Man Over Text (Photos)

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Pizza Pizza promises its wares will be delivered to the customers home “in 20 minutes or less,” but on the night of Nov. 10, Nadisha Mendes waited until after midnight for the pie she planned on eating with her sister at their home.

“I am used to our deliveries coming fast. I wanted to call Customer Service just to confirm that my order went through,” Mendes told The Star. The restaurant guarantees that customers can have their pizza for free after 40 minutes and the delivery man arrived four minutes after the cutoff. “I put him on the phone with customer service, who had told him the pizza would be free.”

After Mendes got her free pizza, she received a series of messages from the delivery man (below), accusing her of somehow “strategizing on how to get a free pizza.” 

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The delivery man also said Mendes “could lose a few pounds.”

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“It was horrible, I felt that I was being attacked,” Mendes said. “It wasn’t about the money, I would’ve paid for it, but this is a breach of trust.”

After hearing about the messages, Pizza Pizza’s District Sales Manager Sakti Hasna called Mendes and told her the delivery man was a new hire, but has since been fired. However, he also told her that the delivery man was a “good guy," reports Buzzfeed.

“I’m like wait, hold on, no person you would refer to as a ‘good guy’ would go out of their way to send text messages like that,” she told Buzzfeed. 

Mendes is planning on closing her account with Pizza Pizza and is still worried about retaliation from the delivery man. “I know this sounds weird, but I’ve given all my information, and if the delivery guy was able to send those texts after a free pizza, what else could he do?”

Sources: The Star, BuzzFeed / Photo credit: Image via Buzzfeed

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