Wimbledon Player Viktor Troicki Yells At Umpire (Video)

Serbian tennis player Viktor Troicki went on a tirade against an umpire during his Wimbledon match against Albert Ramos-Vinolas in London on June 30 (video below).

Ramos-Vinolas aced Troicki, who insisted the ball was out, but umpire Damiano Torella ruled for Ramos-Violas, notes ESPN.

Troicki demanded that the umpire look at the ball, which the 25th-seeded player insisted would have had white dust on it from the line on the court if had it had been in.

Troicki shouted: "No way! Look at it! Come on please, look at it! What? What? Look at it!"

Torella would not change the call, and Troicki smacked the ball into the crowd.

"You're the worst umpire ever in the world!" Trick continued. "What are you doing? Did you see the ball? You're so bad!"

The call gave Ramos-Vinolas match point, and he went on to win 3-6, 6-3, 6-3, 2-6, 6-3.

After the match was over, Troicki shook hands with Ramos-Violas, and berated Torella some more:

What do you want to talk about? You're the worst ever ... Do you know what you did? In one moment, do you know what you did? Well, then you're an idiot, sorry, but you're an idiot. Sorry, sorry, I have to tell you. What? You saw the ball! I showed you the ball! It's out, it was like this out! You didn't see anything today!

Troicki then stormed over to the umpire's office, notes The Guardian.

"Only a few courts have [the Hawk-Eye tracking system] and I think if we are playing serious tennis with such a bad chair umpire, I think at least we should have Hawk-Eye," Troicki later said. "It was just frustrating not having that today."

Troicki, who could be fined for his outburst, was suspended for 18 months in 2013 for not giving a blood sample to officials, although that penalty was ultimately reduced to 12 months, reports ESPN.

Sources: ESPN, The Guardian / Photo credit: BBC News via YouTube

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