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Wild Road Rage Leads To Crash, Fire (Video)

A wild road rage incident was caught on video (below) on June 21 on a highway in Santa Clarita, California.

In the video, the motorcyclist is seen kicking the sedan, which appears to sideswipe the motorcyclist near the highway's center divider. Then, the sedan suddenly crashes, hood first, into the center divider, notes KNBC.

The sedan swerves out of control, spins to the right across a lane of traffic and hits a pickup truck. The truck overturns, all while the motorcyclist zooms away.

Law enforcement is searching for the motorcyclist who allegedly started the chain-reaction collision.

California Highway Patrol Officer Josh Greengard stated: "Obviously it was a road rage incident. He was kicking the vehicle. We have to get a statement, see what's going on."

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"It looked like a pretty violent video … this could’ve been a horrible tragedy," Greengard added, notes the Los Angeles Times. "More people could’ve gotten hurt."

Greengard said the pickup truck driver suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was treated at a local hospital, and the driver of the sedan was not injured.

"We need to get the motorcyclist’s side of the story to see what led up to this incident," the officer said. "We’re not sure what happened farther back."

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Carlos Benavidez, who was driving the pickup truck, recalled the crash to KCBS.

"When I felt the impact and my truck spun out beside me and I started to roll, I saw nothing but asphalt and sky," Benavidez said. "And then, coming to rest, and I looked around to see, and I was still breathing. To me that was a plus."

Chris Taber, the bystander who filmed the crash, said the motorcyclist passed him between lanes.

According to Taber, the driver of the sedan attempted to get out of the carpool lane and bumped the motorcycle, which apparently caused the motorcyclist to kick the sedan.

"I’m sure the guy on the motorcycle was scared and totally startled because he almost went down and I’m sure his adrenaline kicked in," Taber recalled.

The father of the 19-year-old sedan driver stated off-camera that his son got scared when the motorcyclist appeared to flash a knife.

Benavidez said the sedan driver checked on him: "He came and saw to it that I was okay. He had a bottle of water. He gave me a bottle of water. He was kind of in shock himself. He apologized."

The CHP considers the incident a hit-and-run.

"[The motorcyclist] did leave the scene of the collision, and that is technically a hit and run, but we're trying to get his side of the story," Greengard told KABC.

"We're trying to see if it was an intentional veer to the left or a reaction veer to the left," Greengard added.

The CHP has received many calls from witnesses, but no arrests have been made.

Sources: KNBC, KCBS, Los Angeles Times, KABC / Photo Credit: Mike Kline/Flickr, Chmee2/Wikimedia Commons, love krittaya/Wikimedia Commons

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