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Wild Road Rage Between Women Over Parking Space (Video)

Two women in South Los Angeles engaged in a wild road rage brawl over a parking space Nov. 27, which was filmed by several witnesses (video below).

The video starts with the women physically fighting in the lot, notes KABC. One is on the ground being punched and kicked by the other.

The women are eventually separated, but the woman who was on the ground goes after the other, who jumps into a silver SUV. Profanity fills the air as they curse at each other.

The woman who was grounded gets into a white SUV and smashes into the silver SUV, almost ripping a door off.

The vehicles crash into each other a few more times while trying maneuver back and forth in the small parking lot, causing yet more damage. People scamper out of the way of the cars, including one bystander who is filming the chaos.

Jalopnik, a popular car blog, described what happened next and scolded the drivers:

It’s a cramped lot to hold an SUV cage match in, and eventually the action spills out into the street, as the BMW attempts to flee. The RAV4 ends the brawl by running over a hydrant, sending a geyser of water into the air, water that’s sadly not enough to wash away all the miserable violence and stupidity shown here.

That RAV4 is pretty much a new car! Ramming other cars doesn’t magically keep your car unharmed just because you’re mad and crazy; nobody is winning here.

It’s a f******* parking space! Sure, we don’t get to see what led to the initial physical fight, but this, all of this, is just madness. When your aggression takes over to a degree that you’re going to lay hands on a person over a parking space, or use your car as a self-destructive weapon, you’ve temporarily left civilization. Nobody should act like this.

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power quickly repaired the hydrant, but the Los Angeles Police Department told KABC that no police report has been filed yet regarding the incident.


Sources: KABC, Jalopnik / Photo credit: YouTube

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