Wild Fight At Waffle House, Five Female Relatives Arrested (Video)


A wild fight at a Waffle House in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, on June 11 resulted in the arrest of five female relatives (video below).

According to Lancaster Online, the women charged for disorderly conduct included: Deborah Shivers, Tyneisha Shivers, Latonia Shivers and Mercedes Shivers -- who all live in Reading, Pennsylvania -- and Tonisha Shivers, who lives in Dallas.

A video from a bystander shows fists flying, as well as utensils and other objects, reports The Daily Caller There is also quite a bit of slapping.

Someone in the fight called out "Worldstar," a popular video site where viral videos are often posted, but this video was posted on bystander Stephen Murphy's Facebook page with this caption: "This... just.. happened.. my video is the closest."

The video had over 100,000 views on June 12, and elicited comments from Facebook users:

Why is it more girls That are caught fighting!

I'm no professional here but this looks like an uneven fight.

Catch and sterilize these wild animals.

Grow up you crazies.

Good ole waffle house, guaranteed a meal and a show!

Wtf where they even saying. I gotta go there.

no waffles no peace no waffles no peace!

That s*** is crazy can you see how that black guy said his black a** there and then move until they start throwing f****** pepper and salt shakers his dumb a**. Shoulda moved along time ago.

Makes my soul weep. Ladies...we must do better. The moment you lay your hands on another person you have lost.

Say it black women you should not be acting that way any woman for that reason.

unlike the animal kingdom they're not going to eat her afterwards.

WTH is waffle House putting in their food?.... Omg, is it a secret sauce like McDonald's?

And why is there always one who loses her pants and fights naked? The girl in blue lost her bottoms...

These woman look stupid and have no respect for themselves. Grow up.

Ughhhf.. So glad I moved.. Can't wait to move even further.. Disgusting! And this is "Manhiem Township" Can't go out anywhere without seeing this type of crap, people are just nasty. Like go the hell outside and stop ruining establishments for the people who are actually decent patrons trying to enjoy a meal.. Wtf..

No one trying to break it up, but recording to put it up on social media. Then you wonder why people don't want some of you in the suburbs. All this s*** makes it bad for the rest of us, who don't live nor act this way.

It doesn't matter what she you are some people will never grow up...its always someone, or people fighting...our world has enough of this going on....things will never change.

Sources: Lancaster Online, The Daily Caller, Stephen Murphy/Facebook, / Photo credit: Michael Rivera/Wikimedia Commons

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