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Wild Brawl At Denny's Restaurant (Video)

A wild fight broke out at a Denny's restaurant in Colonie, New York, on May 6 (video below).

A video of the brawl was filmed and posted to Facebook by Nick Nack Pattiwhack, a self-identified comedian who added a play-by-play commentary during the melee.

In the video, men and women are seen punching each other, plates are broken and tables are tipped as Pattiwhack laughs and films; at one point, a woman is pounded by two other people. The video concludes with an unidentified man doing a pelvic thrust motion, much to Pattiwhack's delight.

As of May 8, the video has over 4 million views.

Police have not made any arrests or issued citations to those in the fight, reports the Times Union.

WTEN showed the video to some local residents.

"You’ve got somebody down on the ground being smacked, beat up you know. It’s almost like WWF live in Denny’s," Ron Burnett told the news station.

"You’re not the one who’s in Denny’s getting beat up, or ... watching this happen and not knowing what to do," John Dauley stated. "It's really bad that the guy filming didn't decide to step in, do anything."

"I’m just trying to process why there’s been no consequences," Burnett added.

Facebook commenters posted their opinions on Pattiwhack's Facebook page:

I can't believe u didn't save some one smh peter Pipe a f*** u!!! That ain't cool.

This n**** said I didn't get my food yet...let me get my drink.

I ain't trying to hear anybody talking about Nick Nack Pattiwhack should have stopped the fight... I wouldn't have jumped in that mess either...

Whoever is saying that they should have stopped the fight should also keep in mind: 1. The fight wasn't [his] business, and he didn't start it. 2. The fight was brought to the location where he was enjoying himself. 3. If you're going to blame anyone, blame the people who dumb***es started the fight. Low key I would've picked up my drink and watch too. S***. I pay for the drink, might as well get a free show.

I was getting heated watching him not doing anything when that girl was getting double teamed but I can't lie I started dying laughing when he turned the camera on himself "we liiiive baby" lol.

Real talk... This wasnt cool or funny at all. I like you two guys, yall make me laugh but this is sad seeing grown folks especially black women acting like hoodlums and you promoting it... Not saying you should of stopped it but the Sistas already getting a bad rep and this is adding fuel to the fire.

This had me dying laughing last night, your snap is crazy. Every time I have to hold my mouth in shock. That picking up your drink tho.

Warning: Graphic Video, Language

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Sources: Times Union, Nick Nack Pattiwhack/Facebook, WTEN via YouTube / Photo credit: Andreas Praefcke/Wikimedia Commons

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