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Wild Brawl Breaks Out At Waffle House (Video)

A wild brawl was recently caught on a customer's cellphone at a Waffle House (video below).

The incident begins with two African-American men arguing over whether the cook is preparing food fast enough, notes PinkNews, but it quickly takes a homophobic and violent turn (short version below).

One man tells the other: "I'm talking for me, b****. I'm talking for me, bitch. Alright sissy boy. Now the black woman cooking your food, shut your motherf***ing a** up!"

The first man sucker punches the second man, pushes him down on the floor and throws more punches (long version below).

The second man, who was struck, may be gay, LGBTQ Nation reports.

A third man attempts to intervene, as the first man drags the second man across the floor and into some chairs.

The second man gets back on his feet, picks up a broom and tries to hit the first man, who lunges at him.

The two men go crashing into a corner, where the first man punches the second man on the floor as the cameraman cheers them on: "Tearing this b**** up! Tearing this bitch up! There it is! There it is!"

The fight appears to be over as the second man walks away, but the two exchange words and start fighting again.

Suddenly, a fourth man, who is not wearing a shirt, comes running up with a stool, which he slams into the first man.

The fourth man and the second man team up on the first man, as another customer pulls out her cellphone to film the chaos.

The cameraman, who has been cheering on the brawl, suddenly has a change of heart and tells the men to break up the fight.

The men keep going at it, and in a moment that resembles a Blake Edwards comedy, the cameraman turns to film a woman eating food at a table that has been deserted because of the brawl.

The employees scream at the men to stop fighting, but they continue to roll around on the floor.

Sources: PinkNews, LGBTQ Nation / Photo Credit: LeNews Tout/YouTube

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