Wife Tries To Catch Husband Cheating, But It Backfires (Video)


Looking for a reason to divorce her husband, a woman took part in a social experiment to test his fidelity (video below). To her surprise, her husband remained loyal.

The woman, only referred to as Julie, agreed to participate in the YouTube channel show "To Catch a Cheater." According to its page, the videos "setup spouses to see if they will cheat or be faithful." The popular channel has over 900,000 subscribers and over 142,000,000 viewers.

Looking for a reason to divorce her husband, Julie hopes that if she catches him cheating, it'll be enough reason to file for divorce. 

"I'm ready for my new life to begin," she tells Luis Mercado, "I've seen your show and all men are cheaters."

To test her husband's fidelity, show creators enlist a female underwear model to flirt with him outside his California business.

The model, Kristina, stands outside the building, when Julie's husband approaches saying, "You look lost."

She tells him that she's there for a Victoria's Secret photo shoot. She then quickly changes the topic of conversation, squeezing his bicep and asking if he works out. 

She eventually asks his number and if he would like to go on a date. To Julie's surprise, he can't be convinced.

"No, I'm good darling," he tells her. "I'm married."

When the model persists, he walks away, saying that he could be "old enough to be her dad."

The model follows him and he finally tells her to "f***k off."

Julie is upset at her husband's response, saying that "if he won't f**k [Kristina], he obvious won't f**k me either."

"My life has been him and serving him and being available to him. I can’t do that anymore."

She says that her husband is verbally abusive toward her and the two constantly argue. According to her, he consistently has a bad temper and will often swear at her. She feels disrespected, saying, "I can't keep putting up with that."

Julie, who calls herself "a God fearing woman," then asks if Mercado can find another woman to test him. Mercado questions her, asking: "You think God would approve of what we were doing?"

"Absolutely," she responds, "because God wants me happy."

The Daily Mail reports that YouTube users were shocked at Julie's behavior.

"This woman has got some serious issues," one wrote.

"If you don't like your marriage then LEAVE!" said another.

Someone else quipped that she looked like a "meth head."

Sources: To Catch a Cheater/YouTube (2), Daily Mail / Photo credit: Garry Knight/Flickr

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