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Israeli Interior Minister's Wife Tweets Racist Joke About Barack Obama (Photos)

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The wife of Israeli Interior Minister Silvan Shalom sparked outrage after tweeting a racist joke directed at President Obama.

Judy Nir Mozes Shalom, who is also a TV host in Israel, tweeted the controversial joke on Sunday and immediately received backlash from people throughout social media who deemed it racist.

"Do u know what Obama Coffee is?” Shalom tweeted. “Black and weak.”

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The joke was met with intense criticism, with many not only calling it racist but also saying it risks doing “grievous damage” to relations between Israel and the United States.

Shalom’s husband is partially responsible for overseeing the relationship between the two countries, according to TIME.

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After the backlash against Shalom’s tweet began, it was quickly deleted and an apology was issued. 

“President Obama I shouldn't have written the inappropriate joke I heard. I like people no matter their race and religion,” she wrote. “Sorry if I caused any offence [sic] to anyone. I hope I will stay married when my husband will land and hear what I did.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Time

Photo Credit:, WikiCommons


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