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This Is Why You Should Never Poke An Anaconda With a Stick (Video)

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Something every person should learn at some point in life is to never poke a dangerous Anaconda snake with a stick. It seems like a simple, logical concept, right, but one man apparently didn't think so. 

Anacondas, while not venomous, are still something best avoided. The man behind the camera in the startling video (below), decided he'd get up close and personal with one to see what happened. The results will make you jump.

After poking at the snake for a few moments to no avail, the man gave one big push with his stick that sent the Anaconda into defense mode. It suddenly sprung out from beneath the surface of the water and went right for the cameraman. "S***!" the man exclaimed as he backed away from the snake, before letting out a few nervous giggles. The whole ordeal lasted 40 seconds.

Let the video below be a lesson to curious Anaconda enthusiasts everywhere. 

Warning: Contains strong language.

Sources: Ryot, YouTube

Photo Credit: Screen Capture


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