Political Correctness At Its Worst: Principal Bans Students From Celebrating Holidays Like Christmas, Thanksgiving


Once again, life imitates South Park.

The show's 19th season saw the introduction of PC Principal, a preening social justice warrior who polices his students for "micro-aggressions" like "otherizing minorities" and "using words that assert privilege."

In his introductory speech to the students of South Park, PC Principal lays down the law and leans into the microphone, imitating a police siren.

"You hear that? That's the sound of 2015 pulling you over, people!"

Over in St. Paul Minnesota, students at Bruce Vento Elementary School have a PC Principal of their own: His name is Scott Masini, and he's taken it upon himself to ban so-called "dominant holidays" like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween and Valentine's Day from the school.

In a letter to parents obtained by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Masini said “my personal feeling is we need to find a way to honor and engage in holidays that are inclusive of our student population.”

“I have come to the difficult decision to discontinue the celebration of the dominant holidays," Masini wrote, "until we can come to a better understanding of how the dominant view will suppress someone else’s view.”

Note the language Masini uses: " ... my personal feeling," and "I have come to the difficult decision ... "

Here we have a school principal who thinks he knows better than his teachers, his school board, and the parents and students he's supposed to serve, so he makes a unilateral decision. There's no indication any parent or student in the school complained about holiday celebrations. Even most hardcore atheist activists tend to leave school holidays alone, but Masini sees a problem.

On an invite-only Facebook page for parents and teachers in the St. Paul district, one commenter said she teaches at Bruce Vento Elementary School, and said Masini “is under an immense amount of pressure from many of his own staff who dispute his decision."

So we know PC Principal isn't banning holidays with the cooperation of his staff, either. This is all his handiwork, based on his misguided views about cultural acceptance and diversity.

Other commenters were less charitable: "Tired of the PC," one commenter wrote, according to the Star-Tribune. "Totally ridiculous," another wrote. And a third: "Very sad. All the fun is gone."

What's so offensive about Thanksgiving, anyway? It's a tradition that celebrates the year's harvest, and marks the first Thanksgiving, when American pilgrims and native Americans broke bread together. Does it get any more inclusive than that? If a principal can ban the holiday from school, does he get to scrub history books of any mention of it as well?

What about Halloween? Has Masini's school been under siege from Gaelic pagan revivalists, demanding to know why the school isn't calling it Samhain? Does the holiday "otherize" zombies, witches and monsters? How can a holiday that revolves around candy -- something just about all children love -- possibly be offensive?

And then there's Christmas. PC Principal, ahem, Masini didn't mention if Hanukkah will be wiped off the calendar as well.
 Most kids are chiefly concerned with the presents they're going to get on Christmas morning or the eight days of Hanukkah. When they return from winter break, they're talking about the XBox games they got, not bickering over the meaning of the holiday. And if a handful of students don't celebrate either holiday, that's okay, too. Life's not fair, and sometimes you don't get all the toys. It's better for them to learn that lesson early than stumble into adulthood thinking the world owes them something.

Parents and teachers at Bruce Vento Elementary School should organize themselves and take action. There are 474 kids in the school, and they shouldn't be prohibited from acknowledging holidays their families celebrate because of the arbitrary whim of an overzealous politically correct administrator.

Parents and teachers should take their complaint to the school board, and accept nothing less than sanity in their district. It's time for PC Principal to be expelled.

Sources: Daily Mail, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Bruce Vento Elementary School / Photo credit: South Park Studios via The Odyssey

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