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President Of Local NAACP In Arizona Makes Crude Remark About TV Reporter’s Breasts (Video)

Don Harris, the president of the Maricopa County, Arizona, chapter of the NAACP, was caught on tape saying that a female TV reporter, Monique Griego, had "nice t---" on Jan. 27 outside the Desert Vista High School in Phoenix (video below).

Harris was leaving a community meeting of local leaders who discussed a recent picture of some high school girls spelling out the N-word on their shirts, notes ABC 15.

While leaving the meeting, the 77-year-old Harris remarked to a Phoenix New Times reporter about Griego's breasts.

While Griego isn't authorized by Channel 12 News to comment, Harris apologized for the incident.

"The meeting was over," Harris told the New Times on Jan. 27. "I apologize if anyone was offended. I could have said nothing ... I'm really f------ sorry."

Harris went on to say that he is going to contribute $5,000 for an anti-N-word proposal. However, when asked if any effort would be made to eradicate sexist comments, Harris reportedly became angry. 

"I'm going to slash my wrists," he said. "Better yet, I'm going to throw myself out of a f----- window, except I'm on the first floor ... I'm one of the best god------ people in the state.

" ... I support NOW, the women's organization, god----—! Are you s------- me? Are you going to write this up?"

"It was a guy talking to another guy," Harris later told ABC 15. "That still doesn’t make it acceptable."

He has offered to resign from his position.

"I said if they want me gone, I'm gone," Harris told The Arizona Republic. "I'm not ducking from anything. I did something stupid and wrong and I'm sorry for it. I can't beat myself forever about it. I said it. And I can't be any more sincere."


Raw Footage

Sources: Phoenix New TimesABC 15 via YouTubeThe Arizona Republic

Photo Credit: ABC 15 via YouTube Screenshot, Ray Stern/Phoenix News Times

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