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White Nationalist Richard Spencer Punched In Head (Video)

White nationalist Richard Spencer was punched in the head while giving an interview on Jan. 20 in Washington D.C. (video below).

Spencer was being interviewed by Zoe Daniel of ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) when an unidentified man rushed up and punched him in the face, notes the ABC News website.

Before he was struck, Spencer was accused of being a "neo-Nazi" by members of an anti-Trump protest.

"Neo-Nazis don't love me, they kind of hate me actually," Spencer insisted, right before he was blindsided.

"I moved across to ask him what he was doing at the protest and to get his reaction to being punched by a random stranger," Daniel recalled. "Activists and protesters who were also throwing questions at Mr Spencer ran after the assailant while we went and asked him if he was alright."

Spencer founded National Policy Institute and is a hero in the racist alt-right movement. The Southern Poverty Law Center describes Spencer as an "academic racist."

Spencer posted a video comment about the incident via Periscope on his Twitter page later the same day:

He came out of nowhere, and punched me and he didn't really land one. He hit me right here. I can see there is a little bit of swelling, it's not a big deal. It didn't really land, and it didn't hurt that much...

So I was talking to an Australian public television station, and the guy came back and he punched me, basically, with all his might. He came out of nowhere, sucker-punched me on my ear. So he hit me right here. I can't hear too well out of my right ear at the moment. Obviously, there's not going to be permanent damage, but it's a bad scene.

Spencer said he moved away from the area, but then an unidentified second man spat on him. Following the alleged assaults, which Spencer described as "cowardly," he got into a taxi cab and got away.

Spencer planned on taking pictures at the Woman's March on Jan. 21, but said he was going to send someone else to do it.

Sources: ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), Richard Spencer/Twitter / Photo Credit: Richard Spencer/Twitter

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