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White Off-Duty Jail Guard Pulls Gun On Black ATV Rider (Video)

White Off-Duty Jail Guard Pulls Gun On Black ATV Rider (Video) Promo Image

Footage has surfaced of a white off-duty corrections officer pulling a gun on a black ATV rider on May 29 near Fairbanks, Alaska (video below).

Devarge Walker, who was wearing a GoPro camera, was driving his ATV with two friends when the group was suddenly stopped by Gregory Braeuer, who works at the Fairbanks Correctional Center, notes KXDF.

"[Braeuer's] vehicle pulled a quarter of the way into the middle of the road," Walker recalled. "I stopped, and waved him on like: 'Go ahead.'"

In the video, Braeuer gets out of his vehicle, walks over to Walker, grabs the ATV and says, "This ain't a racetrack!"

"I'm trying to remove his hand, because he's not letting go," Walker told KXDF. "He's holding on tight, like he's trying to take it from me almost. So stand up and get off, I'm trying to remove him and I grab him, he grabs me, I'm just trying to push him off."

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The two men engage in a brief struggle, Walker pushes Braeuer away, and Braeuer walks towards his vehicle.

"I think it's over, but he goes to his vehicle and grabs his gun," Walker recalled.

Braeuer walks up to Walker while loading his gun.

An unidentified witness told KXDF that Braeuer pointed his gun at Walker before he placed it at his side.

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"When he pulled out his gun, my heart dropped. In my head, I'm thinking of all scenarios," Walker said. "If I do this wrong I can get shot, so no sudden movements. I'm seeing my death in front of me."

Braeuer barks at the men: "Get on the ground, I got my badge, get on the f******* ground!"

Walker and his friends think Braeuer is a cop and comply.

However, the Alaska Department of Corrections does not give its employees the authority to detain people outside of jail.

"He approached me, he assaulted me," Walker recalled. "I was terrified for my life. I didn't pull out no firearm, I didn't even want a confrontation."

KTVF notes on its Facebook page that when the Alaska State Troopers came to the scene, they charged Walker with assault, not Braeuer.

"I explained to the police what happened, and showed them the video," Walker told KXDF. "And they was like: 'What do you want to do? You can press charges,' and I said: 'Yes, I want to press charges.'"

Neither the Alaska State Troopers nor Braeuer commented to reporters. The Alaska Department of Corrections placed Braeuer on administration leave, pending future hearings on the matter.

Sources: KXDF, KTVF Fairbanks/Facebook / Photo Credit: Amy Meredith/Flickr, Arctic Warrior/Flickr, R0Ng/Flickr

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