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Police Captain's Response To Officer's Death Goes Viral (Video)

A police captain in Ohio says he is not apologizing for his Facebook post, which featured an electric chair with the caption, “Time to bring back consequences.”

The Jan. 18 Facebook post came in the wake of the fatal shooting of Danville, Ohio, police officer Thomas Cottrell, Fox 59 reported. It was posted by Captain Doug Hunter of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department and quickly went viral. It was shared over 5,000 times in two days.

While most commenters agreed with Hunter’s post, others questioned the appropriateness of the picture.

“I believe there should be consequences for what happened to the officer, but for a police department to post a picture like this is horrible,” wrote one user. “Goes to show that unjustified shootings of civilians happen when cops think they can be the judge, jury, and executioner.”

Hunter responded to some of the comments with a video (below), where he further explained the reasoning behind the post. He titled the video, “The world is not rainbows, puppy dogs and unicorns folks.”

The suspect in the death of Cottrell was identified as 32-year-old Herschel Ray Jones III, the Associated Press reported. He is currently in the custody of police.

The suspect’s ex-girlfriend told authorities that Jones was armed and looking to kill a police officer. She had called dispatchers to warn them about 20 minutes before Cottrell’s body was found, Knox County Sheriff David Shaffer told the AP.

Jones has an extensive criminal history and tried to claim he was legally insane in one case, court records show. His criminal history includes breaking and entering, receiving stolen property, burglary and carrying a concealed weapon.

Sources: Fox 59, Wayne County Sheriff/Facebook, AP via ABC 5 / Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

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