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Man Shot On His Way To Meet Girl From Internet

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Chesapeake, Virginia, man Cedric Towe, 21, was fatally shot after he went to see a girl he had talked to on social media. It's been four months since his death, but his father is still hoping for an arrest.

According to a search warrant, in November 2015, Cedric Towe went to meet up with someone he had met on Facebook, WTKR 3 reported on March 18. Towe believed the person was a girl named "Kia."

Moments before Towe's death, he texted a friend who asked for a picture of the girl. Towe responded that Kia used to have a Facebook profile, but it had been recently deactivated. Seconds later, Towe was shot and killed while walking behind a townhouse.

Cedric's father, Charles Towe, was the one to drop him off to meet Kia. According to Charles, he had told Cedric to keep his new gun at home. He now regrets that decision.

“It’s getting crazy out here," Charles told WTKR 3. "All the shootings stuff … I wanted him to be able to protect himself but I didn’t want him to carry until he knew the laws on it. That’s why he didn’t have it with him that night because I kept it.”

Charles described his son as hardworking and loving. He worked two jobs and had an avid interest in fashion.

“[Cedric] worked hard to get his clothes and his shoes,” Charles said. “He loved dressing and all that stuff. I do believe some people are jealous of that.”

Charles said that God knows who the suspect is, even if the police can’t catch him. However, he is still hoping for an arrest and believes the neighborhood where his son was killed knows more than they’re letting on.

The Chesapeake Police Department has not released a possible motivation in Cedric's death. The investigation into the killing is ongoing as of March 18.

The family started a GoFundMe page to raise money for Cedric's funeral. As of March 21, the page has raised over $3,500 of its $5,000 goal.

Sources: WTKR, GoFundMe / Photo Credit: GoFundMe

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