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Reddit User Discovers Snoop Dogg Is Her Secret Santa (Photo)

An Alabama woman taking part in a Secret Santa program through Reddit was surprised to discover that her Secret Santa was, in fact, Snoop Dogg. 

WHNT reports that Erin, who is keeping her last name private, has taken part in the Reddit Secret Santa program for the past three years.  However, this year she got a big surprise when she discovered that the rap legend was her Secret Santa.  

Erin claims she knew something was up when she got a note from Reddit administrators that her gift was on the way.  "That's not normally what happens," Erin said. "Normally you get an automated message to just alert you your secret Santa shipped your gift. So that was a little odd."

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Then one day a package arrived on her front porch.  Erin opened it, and discovered a Snoop Dogg shirt, Snoop slippers, a small drone, socks, and even some green bud wrapped in a package.  She also found a card signed by Snoop Dogg himself. She compared the signature to one she found online and it was a match. 

"I will admit, I freaked out," Erin said.

In classic Snoop Dogg style, the note on the card begins with, "Merry XMizzle to you and your fam!" 

Erin wants to send Snoop Dogg a return gift, but has no idea what to get.  She posted on Reddit: "How do you buy for someone that can buy anything that they want?"

Reddit users have responded with their own suggestions, including a hand-knitted Snoop sweater, local BBQ sauce, whiskey, and CBD oil.  The Secret Santa program asks users to post pictures of the gifts they receive, so we’ll be on the lookout for the gift Snoop gets in return.

Sources: WHNT, Reddit / Photo credit: Twitter via Huh.

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