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Texas Woman Accuses Restaurant Manager Of Body-Shaming Her During Interview

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Texas woman Crystal Harrington was interviewing for a job as a waitress when she decided to turn it down -- because of comments on her wages and weight.

The 22-year-old single mother works as a health aide by day but was hoping to become a waitress by night, Fox News reports. When she decided to interview for a job at Baytown Seafood, the manager reportedly commented on her size and how much money she might make because of it.

“While you might have a skinny waitress do a really crappy job she’s going to get the tips, whereas big girls like us, and she did say us and I don’t know why because she’s not my size,” Harrington told Fox News. “She’s not big to me, big girls like us won’t get the tip.”

The manager reportedly said she was being "straight forward" in her weight comments.

Harrington was offered the job but decided to turn it down.

“It was over the line,” Harrington said of the comment.

Harrington added that she felt discriminated against, although according to Fox News no discrimination laws were broken.

According to Mary Pruett, the Baytown Seafood manager who interviewed Harrington, the comments about Harrington’s weight were never actually made. Pruett said that Harrington was offered the job but that nothing was mentioned about her size.

Harrington later posted her story to social media on Jan. 18, including Facebook (seen below), to draw attention to the alleged comments. 

A similar story occurred in 2015 when handbag retailer Coach reportedly fired a manager for being "too fat," Patch reported at the time.

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Sources: Fox News, Patch / Photo Credit: Fox News 

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