Heroic Airman Saves 'Lifeless' Toddler, Woman Says


An airman reportedly saved the life of a toddler in Great Falls, Montana.

Rebecca Houle shared the story on Facebook on Jan. 28, explaining that she spotted what she and her coworker initially thought was a collision.

“A woman was pulled into the turning lane of the road on tenth ave so and frantically rushing to the back seat," Houle wrote. "Immediately first instinct was to pull over and make sure everyone was ok.

“My coworker Jack approaches the woman who is holding her lifeless toddler. The baby is blue and showing no signs of life. Jack immediately rushed with the woman and toddler to the grass on the side of the road and begins to attempt to revive the toddler as I am on the phone with 911.”

A group of men in the Air Force also reportedly witnessed the frantic situation and quickly pulled over to offer their help. One of the airmen began administering CPR to the child.

“As the toddler lays lifeless on the ground and many witnesses [stopping] to help, I couldn't help but to imagine myself in that parents shoes,” she wrote.

“The airman administering CPR was able to revive the toddler and she was breathing but still not moving or opening her eyes," Houle added. "After what seemed like an eternity the toddler finally opened her eyes and was moving again. The sigh of relief for everyone involved was unimaginable. This once lifeless toddler is now alive thanks to one strangers act of kindness.”

Emergency responders soon arrived and rushed the child to the hospital, but it was the airman’s quick jump into action that reportedly saved the toddler’s life.

“I just wanted to give a big shout out of Thanks to the airman that saw situation taking place and saved a toddlers life,” Houle wrote.

“I don't think we show enough support to those who serve our community," she added. "This airman left before I could say thanks but he is truly my hero today.”

KRTV News reported that it was attempting to get further details on the situation and learn the identity of the man responsible for saving the toddler.

Sources: KRTV, Rebecca Houle/Facebook / Photo credit: Pixabay, KRTV

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