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Woman Quits Job At Retailer After Receiving Comments About Her Weight

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An Oklahoma woman quit her job after she felt discriminated against because of her weight.

Sherene Zarrabi, who worked at Dainty Hooligan in Stillwater, Oklahoma, quit her job at the clothing retailer after an email attacked her body for not being “model material.”

On Feb. 1, the store's owner, Jessica Isler, emailed Zarrabi to say that she only wanted thin women modeling the clothing on the store’s social media accounts.

"It said she only wanted a size small modeling the clothing and, if they couldn't find a girl who was model material, then we needed to use the models off the website," Zarrabi told KFOR News.

Zarrabi then noticed that all of her posts were deleted from the store’s Instagram account.

"I got on to see what she was cleaning up, and I noticed that the picture where I was modeling the clothing was deleted," Zarrabi said.

Furious, Zarrabi decided to call the owner to say that she will no longer support her business due to her “archaic and disgusting” values. She also posted a photo of the email to Facebook, which has been shared more than 2,600 times.

“THIS is the reason young girls have body image issues,” she wrote as part of the caption. “This is disgusting.”

Zarrabi hopes to be a role model for young girls, such as her younger sister. She wants to spread awareness that beauty comes in all sizes.

"It made me angry just because I have a 9-year-old sister, and she's recently developed some body image issues from girls at her school, and she watches what I do and mirrors what I do, and I want to be positive role model for her and for other girls," Zarrabi said.

The owner of Dainty Hooligan eventually sent Zarrabi an apology, after saying the former employee was "not mentally healthy,” as reported by Ocolly.

“At first looking at my email, if I put myself in my own shoes I'm thinking ‘this is nonsense, hypersensitive and taken way out of context,’" wrote the owner. “BUT if I put myself in your shoes I'm thinking ‘wow, this sucks. I'm hurt, what the heck! Not cool’ And so for that reason I am truly apologetic. I can definitely see where feelings got hurt and negativity from there festered from something I take full responsibility for.”

Sources: KFOR News, Sherene Marie Zarrabi, Ocolly / Photo Credit: Ocolly

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