No Sex After Tinder Date, Outburst Ensues (Photos)


Another Tinder date has ended in an awkward rant.

Arielle Musa met a guy, Endri, through the dating app, Tinder, according to Metro. For their first and only date, they went to a bar at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

"He seemed normal and trying to be respectful," Musa told Metro. "Trying to compliment me, had normal conversation about ourselves."

She decided not to pursue things further with Endri.

"I felt creeped out by him and his personality and the way he looked at me," she explained.

At the end of the date, she told him they would not be having sex. After he sent a message to tell her how disappointed he was, he went on a rant.

First, he accused her of thinking she was "stuck up," and said that was "clearly the reason" why she was not interested in having sex. She stated that it was her decision whether or not to have sex with someone, and she doesn’t need to give an explanation.

“Enjoy your youth because once you get used up nobody will want you and you will be alone forever,” he replied. He also added a racial slur referring to her “squinty” eyes, in case his senseless, irrational fury was not clearly expressed before. 

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When Musa asked why he was so upset, he ranted about his "manly needs," the money he spent on the date, and feeling mislead because she said she was "into sexual things before we met." He also alleged nothing having done "anything crazy to make you turn on me all of a sudden."

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He continued his outburst by saying she’s a "low life," no "quality guys" want her, and that her family doesn’t love her. After spewing this list of insults, he also asked her to pay him back the money spent on the date. 

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Musa shared the posts with her friend Tamara, who posted them on Twitter.

"Y'all, my friend went on a date with some psychopath," she posted. "This is why I rarely go on dates. Men feel so entitled."

The last message Musa received from Endri asked her to delete his number and never text him again.

"Sure, I don’t even text you," she replied.

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Sources: Metro, araferal/Twitter / Photo credit: Arielle Musa via Metro

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