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Woman Inflicts 17-Year Punishment On Cheating Ex (Photos)

After cheating on her, Dan asked his ex-girlfriend refund him the money he had spent for a ticket to a Justin Bieber concert they were supposed to attend together.

"Send it for tonight as I need it," wrote Dan to his ex, without explaining why, Some Love reports.

But his jilted former lover, Harriet, wasn't going to allow him to get off that easy.

While Harriet agreed to give him back his money, she decided to do it at her own pace.

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For the next seventeen years, Dan will receive one penny a day alongside the following message: "cheating c---."

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That means until year 2033, every day Dan will be reminded how he cheated on Harriet and also asked her for money back.

Harriet is not only the spurned lover to resort to creative and unusual ways to get revenge on an unfaithful partner.

One woman used the couple's joint bank account to purchase a gigantic billboard publicly shaming her cheating lover.

"Hi Steven," it reads. "Do I have your attention now? I know all about her, you dirty, sneaky, immoral, unfaithful, poorly-endowed slimeball. Everything's caught on tape."

And it's not only women who have resorted to such techniques, the New Zealand Herald reports.

"Just found out my girlfriend has been cheating on me while I'm at work so have kicked her out of the house," one man wrote on a sign in his front yard, placed next to bags of clothing. "These are her clothes. She's a size 8 to 10. Girls (or guys if you're that way inclined) help yourselves."

While amusing, some mental health experts advise people not to cope with betrayal in certain ways.

"Making your partner feel worse will not make you feel better," wrote psychologist Guy Winch on a Psychology Today blog. "You will still feel just as betrayed, hurt, and outraged afterwards."

He also cautions against having an affair to get back at a lover. "By having a retaliation affair you’re using anger to shield yourself from dealing with the emotional pain you feel," he says. "Unless you deal with your pain you won’t be able to heal."

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