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Woman Prays For, Doesn't Help Man Who Was Shot (Video)

A video of a woman praying over a gunshot victim is sparking debate online (video below).

After being shot several times in the torso, a Baltimore man is lying on the ground while an unidentified woman is praying for him. According to The Baltimore Sun, police confirmed the video corresponds with the time and location of a shooting on March 6.

“Father God, we need you right now in the name of Jesus,” she repeats throughout the video.

The video had been viewed more than 7 million times in two days and had more than 18,000 comments on it.

Several people believe it is unethical to record a man who has just been shot. Others debated over the appropriateness of praying for the victim instead of getting medical help.

“People are saying why she didn't apply pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding,” wrote Dearia Sanchez on the Mediatakeout Facebook page. “FYI if you're not a trained professional you're NOT supposed to move a gunshot wound victim just keep them comfortable and talk to them because if you move them the bullet could travel and you could cause further damage!!!!”

Sam Johnson of the Baltimore City Fire Department agrees that passersby should not offer first aid. He told WMAR that bystanders should find a secure location and call 911 if they have seen someone shot.

“In the event where there has been some type of blunt force trauma due, in part, by another individual, putting yourself in the line of fire may get you hurt as well,” Johnson said.

He further explained that the suspect could still be nearby, so approaching the victim may put the would-be helper in danger.

Rev. Dr. Heber Brown III of Pleasant Hope Baptist Church in Baltimore said that prayer is all many people have to offer in times of crisis.

“For many people, prayer and meditation and other spiritual practices is a part of their everyday living,” said Brown. “So that means, even in the midst of emergencies or trauma or the surprises of life, you’re going to find prayer and meditation. You’re going to find people calling on God in those moments. For many people it’s a part of their identity.”

WARNING: Graphic video

Sources: Baltimore Sun, WMAR News, Mediatakeout/Facebook / Photo credit: WMAR News

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