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Michigan Woman Faces Charges Over Nasty Facebook Comments

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A Michigan woman who posted derogatory comments about a former friend on Facebook is now facing criminal charges.

Rene Kolka, 35, of Bay City, Michigan, posted the offensive comments about a 45-year-old former friend in October 2015, MLive reported. In the posts, Kolka referred to the other woman as a "slut" and a "skinny tall coke head" and warned others not to "catch an STD" from her. She also posted the woman's phone number, according to court records.

The woman, who had a falling out with Kolka two years ago, filed a criminal complaint on Oct. 19.

The woman told police that she has received numerous calls from strange men ever since Kolka publicized her phone number. She also claimed that the defamatory postings have harmed her reputation and career.

A police deputy visited Kolka's last known address on Oct. 20, but was told by the landlord that the woman had moved a month ago.

Police then contacted Kolka over the phone. The woman told officers that her Facebook page had been hacked recently, and that someone else may have posted the comments on her account. She agreed to remove the offensive postings, but would not give officers her current address.

In January 2016, police charged Kolka with one count of unlawful posting of a message, a felony offense that carries a sentence of up to two years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

She voluntarily turned herself in for arraignment in Bay County District Court on Feb. 19. Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 8.

According to the Michigan Penal Code, posting a message about another person through an electronic medium is a criminal offense if the message causes emotional distress or could reasonably result in harassment, threats, or "two or more separate noncontinous acts of unconsented contact" with the victim. 

Sources: MLive, Michigan Penal Code

Photo Credit: MoneyBlogNewz/Flickr

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