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Woman Brutally Beats Man Who She Says Used To Rape Her (Video)

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A viral video shows a woman brutally beating a man she says used to rape her (video below).

In the video, the woman confronts the man and inches toward him, prepared to fight.

It's not known where of when the incident took place, notes Mad World News.

According to what the woman says in the clip, the man used to molest her when she was a child. She proceeds to deliver several kicks to the man's head and a number of punches as a bystander holds him down on the ground. 

In a similar incident from November 2015, a Pennsylvania woman beat her rapist with a frying pan after she awoke to the man forcing himself on her, reports New York Daily News.

Watch the confrontation below.

WARNING: Contains strong language, racial insults and violence.

Sources: Mad World News, New York Daily News / Photo credit: Mad World News

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