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Twin Brothers Film People Trying To Steal Electric Shock-Fitted Bike In YouTube Prank (Video)


A pair of twin brothers filmed local people trying to steal a bike outfitted with electric shock devices and posted the video (below) to YouTube, where it has now gone viral.

Jeremy and Jason Holden took an ordinary push bike and fitted the handlebars and seat with electric shock devices, the Daily Mail reported. They then left the bike on a street in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles and hid around a corner.

Whenever a passerby would try to steal the bike, the brothers would press a remote control button. The unsuspecting thief would then receive a mild electric shock through the devices attached to the bike.

The brothers reportedly filmed a nearly 4-minute video clip of several people attempting to steal the bike and getting shocked, which they posted to their YouTube channel, TwinsTV, on Jan. 12.

The amusing footage, which was shot over a period of several hours, shows several people falling off the bike in comical ways after getting shocked. One man goes over the handlebars and lands in a shrub next to a tree. Another skids off the bike and lands on the sidewalk.

In another shot, the brothers are shown asking a shocked thief: "Did you try stealing a bike? Did you try stealing a bike, buddy, huh?" The man runs away from the scene, at which point one of the twins comments, "I think he's embarrassed."

The video has received more than 1.3 million views in three days.

YouTube commenters expressed their amusement at the prank. 

"Do more bike pranks! Too funny to watch," one poster wrote. 

"Try to put a little mini torch in the seat!" another joked.

The brothers said they plan to use the footage of the prank in an upcoming movie, the Daily Mail noted.

The two young men are known for staging pranks on unsuspecting members of the public.

In 2014, they were charged with disorderly conduct after pretending to kidnap their 4-year-old nephew from a public park in Sequim, Washington.

The brothers, who were 25 at the time, said they staged the kidnapping prank to raise awareness of child abduction.

Sources: Daily Mail, TwinzTV/YouTube / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot via Daily Mail

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