Baby's X-Rays Reveal Something Shocking (Photos)


Parents made a shocking discovery after deciding to have an X-ray of their baby.

Redditor IAmClarkGriswold shared a photo on the website of his baby’s X-ray, explaining that they decided to have the imaging done when his wife was unable to find her wedding ring “just in case.”

When the X-ray results were returned, the wife’s wedding ring was clearly seen inside the baby’s body. 

“He was on the floor, putting things in his mouth. As he often does. She didn't realize he grabbed her ring while she was getting ready,” the father later explained in a comment. 

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He also said in an update that his son didn’t show any signs of “discomfort” and that they were hopeful he would pass the ring without needing any medical intervention. 

In a similar incident, a mother wrote in 2012 of her young son swallowing her wedding rings in an article for Y98. After several weeks of waiting for the ring to pass naturally, the boy’s parents opted for surgery.

The mother said 2 percent of babies who swallow foreign objects are unable to pass them naturally. 

As it turned out, her son had a small pocket in his intestine -- called a Meckel’s diverticulum -- and the ring had settled there. The surgeon removed the ring and sealed up the pocket.

Sources: Reddit, Y98 / Photo credit: Reddit

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