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Oklahoma Teen's Post About Being Bullied Goes Viral

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An Oklahoma teen took to Facebook to share her experiences with being bullied, and the post quickly went viral.

Bayle Ogle, a high school student in Chickasha, Oklahoma, said she's been being bullied for three years by a group of girls. The bullies have reportedly called her names, vandalized her car, and spread rumors about her.

"As the group of girls walk past me at school they give me death stares and laugh at me and continue to call me rude names and cuss at me," Ogle wrote in the Feb. 15 Facebook post. "They have started Twitter conversations with 10+ people tweeting about how much they hate me and all the things that are wrong with me. It doesn’t just last for an hour or a day- it’s lasts for multiple days.

"There is even a group text called 'The Baylee Haters' where all they do is pick me apart and hate on me. I can’t even sit in the student section at school sporting events because these bullies and their friends yell rude things at me. I am afraid to be alone at my own school."

Ogle said that when her father passed away from a pulmonary embolism, she posted details of the funeral online for anyone interested in paying their respects. Within minutes of her posting the info, one of the bullies tweeted her saying, "Nobody cares."

"Nobody cares?" Ogle wrote. "Nobody cares that a human being died? That a husband, uncle, friend, and DAD, died? Truly, my heart breaks for the girls and boys who have put me through so much these past three years.

"I have been very good at sucking it up and pushing forward even with all the hate. But to say that no one cares that A DAD died is just sickening to me. They have to be so miserable with their life that they feel the need to hate on someone so much. The saddest part is that they think it is cool to bully."

Ogle called on parents to teach their children to "be sensitive to others" and hold them accountable for how they treat people.

"I do not want sympathy for anything that has happened in my life because I truly believe that everything happens for a reason," she wrote.

"Maybe I have gone through all of this so that I could share my story with you today and bring awareness to adults and teens about the affect of bullies," she added.

The post ended with a simple message for anyone who's ever bullied or thought about bullying.

"Have compassion for others and remember- if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all," she wrote.

Ogle's post has since gone viral, garnering over 2,000 shares and 300 likes in three days.

Bullying has seen disturbing results — with many teens choosing to end their lives because of the torment they've endured. A Philadelphia girl recently posted video of herself being brutally beaten by a group of bullies in order to spread awareness, the New York Daily News reported,

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