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What Man Does After Divorce Touches Thousands (Photos)

While many divorces are angry, bitter affairs, this couple's was anything but.

So sad was their end, hundreds of strangers across the world have been moved by their split.

It all began after 17-year-old Morgan Lynn from Texas learned her parents' divorce had been finalized, BuzzFeed reports.

No doubt the pain must have been immense. Lynn's parents, after all, had been married for 19 years.

It was even harder, however, when she saw what her father did afterward.

Lynn says she “immediately cried” when she saw a bouquet the flowers her father sent her mother after the divorce.

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"Always gonna be you," reads the card he sent alongside.

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What's more, there was an even deeper meaning behind the words.

"My dad told me tonight that 'Had me from hello' by Kenny Chesney was their song at their wedding," Lynn explains on Twitter.

"He then heard this song, 'Always gonna be you' also by Kenny Chesney, & sent it to my mom & said 'this is our finale,'" she added.

She was so touched by her father's last gesture, she shared a photo of the flowers and card on social media.

"I have never cried so hard over 4 simple words," she said.

Thousands of others also felt the same. The tweet quickly went viral.

"It's the worst when yall will always hold love in your hearts for the other," wrote one Twitter user.

While many asked why the couple split up, Lynn did not answer.

Instead, she simply said she was touched by “seeing the responses and the love in people’s hearts."

Yet she wasn't surprised the tweet had moved so many.

“I believe that everyone is seeing true love through this tweet,” Lynn said.

But the outpour of tweets wasn't about to end just yet.

Afterward, Lynn posted another tweet explaining she was sad and made an unusual request.

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"If you have a dog will you send me picture of it, I'm sad," the teenager wrote.

Accordingly, hundreds sent photos of their dogs in response, which reportedly lifted Morgan's spirits.

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"This has turned into one of my favorite threads," she later remarked.

Sources: BuzzFeedShorrtStackkk/Twitter / Photo credit: ShorrtStackkk/Twitter, BuzzFeed

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