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High School Teacher Resigns After Controversial Facebook Post Divides Community (Photo)

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A high school teacher resigned after outrage ensued from a controversial Facebook post about gun control.

Alisa Britt, former Language Arts teacher at Horton High School in Horton, Kansas, resigned during a district board of education meeting on Feb. 8, as reported by KSNT News.

In an impassioned Facebook post, Britt wrote about her feelings about the executive order on gun control signed by President Barack Obama. Britt agreed with the President’s order, and tried to explain that gun control is not an infringement of the liberties granted by the Second Amendment. However, many believe she took her rant a bit too far by expressing what she thought of those who disagreed with the president's motion. . 

“You are what’s wrong with this country," Britt wrote as part of the post. "It is because of YOU that mass murders occur and children are being shot every single day!! You are the ones who DESERVE to have your children shot, or your sibling, or the kid next door who never hurt anyone!”

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“If you are a professional, especially at a school, you should watch what you say,” parent Shelly Kuhnert told KSNT News.

“If she was an English teacher she should have been fired,” wrote The John Sullivan on Twitter. “If a Social Studies Teacher this nonsense is expected.”

“People look at those posts, and seeing that as a student isn’t a good thing,” said student Lorena Torres.

Parent Andrew Monson wrote a Facebook post to ask other parents to join his efforts to remove Britt from the school. Some local residents created an online petition in support of Britt, saying that the rant was on her personal social media profile and she was an excellent teacher.

Britt told WIBW News that she removed the post soon after publishing it to Facebook. She said that although many of her friends agree with her, “crazy people” were trying to take her statement out of context.

“As an American citizen thankfully we have the right to have our own opinion, but there is always a time and place, and as a teacher facebook is never the place,” wrote a parent who wished to remain anonymous.

Sources: KSNT News, WIBW News / Photo Credit: USD 430 Horton High School

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